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For 20 years I’ve coached and trained some of the toughest and hardest to reach young people across the inner cities and prisons of the UK.

I now use all of the transferable skills I’ve developed over the years to coach and train high performing entrepreneurs, business leaders and teams to move from their current reality to their preferred economic future.

Through my coaching, clients get the unique insights they are looking for in relation to their organisational culture, personal and team productivity and financial goals. I support them to get he clarity they need about exactly what needs to be done and I hold them totally accountable to taking action and getting results.

What makes my approach unique is that I share the core beliefs and proven strategies that have led to the dramatic turnaround in the lives of not only the young people and leaders I have worked with over the years but also in my own life. I went from being homeless and hopeless as a teen to becoming an Author, Motivational speaker and Award winning entrepreneur. My life and personal story is PROOF that regardless of your starting position in life, the circumstances you were born into and the opinions of others, you can, if you choose to take 100% responsibility, turn YOUR life or circumstances around.

The business leaders, entrepreneurs and teams that I work with deeply appreciate my honest and direct approach. They also like that I make the time we spend together enjoyable. They really want to be challenged to get the RIGHT THINGS done and they want to be held accountable.

If you would like to book an introductory coaching session or you would like some more information please email or call me directly on 07852397747.