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As one of the UK’s top motivational speakers, Errol Lawson is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in organisations and schools looking to motivate and engage their leaders or students and see them perform at their highest potential. For more than 15 years he has not only studied the science of achievement, he’s mastered it by interviewing successful national and international leaders and collaborating with them to bring transformation in the lives of young people and leaders around the world.

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I help people to turn their lives around and create the lives they REALLY want.

For 20 years I’ve coached and trained young people, entrepreneurs and leaders from different sectors helping them to transform their personal lives, businesses and organisations and create the results that they really want.

Whenever I speak to audiences or coach clients they get the following results

  • They discover their life purpose
  • They get a clear understanding of what their ‘why’ is.
  • They regularly have those ‘aha’ moments that result in financial gains, improved performance and healthier relationships.
  • They discover the confidence needed to be able to confront difficult situations and step into their biggest challenges.
  • Coaching Once we have had our initial discovery session in which you get the chance to... [ + ]
  • Training The millennials of today have a different mindset than the generation before them. They... [ + ]
  • Speaking Errol speaks to 1000’s of young people and teachers each year in Schools, Colleges,... [ + ]

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