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Why Would You Build Someone Else’s Brand?

I’ve been asked this question quite a bit lately. I’ve had the amazing privilege of working to build the brands of some amazing people in recent years. In particular, my friend Andy Cope who has a fantastic company called “The Art of brilliance” and another friend Daniel Priestley who is the man behind the company “Dent Global”. Some people see the work I do for both and question “why are you doing that when you can be building your own brand?”


Before I started my business in 2010 I had the privilege of serving for 5 years as a full time minister in what was then my local church in Aston in Birmingham. We were one of the largest churches in the city. Between 400-600 people would meet on a Sunday and we were making a big impact in the community. The church was and still is led by a great leader, Calvin Young. He spotted by Leadership ability as a young Man and gave me the opportunity to serve under him and be mentored by him. He was the visionary leader for the church. One of the many lessons I learnt from serving under his leadership is the power of serving someone else’s vision before you can truly establish your own. Here are three reasons why I think it’s important.


Lessons you learn

The lessons that I’ve learned from serving the visions and dreams of others are immeasurable. I’ve learned about leadership, decision making, stewardship, sales, speaking too many things to mention. Things I could not have learned on a degree course. Things I’ve learned on the go. It is absolutely priceless. I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am had it not been for the great men and women I’ve served under and will continue to serve under.


Experience you gain

Opportunities have come my way to lead on various projects both locally, nationally and internationally as a result of serving the vision of other people. It’s not that I serve them purely for my own gain. I’ve serve with sincerity. I treat their business as though it were my own.


Transference of credibility

Being mentioned in the same conversation as or being in the same room as some of the people that I have served have transferred a level of respect, credibility and authority. This has opened several doors for me and allowed me easy access to relationships I might not otherwise get access to.
My attitude is that we should always remain a student. There is always someone that is further ahead that we can learn from. Never compromise your integrity or core values but it is ok to be an “echo” of someone else’s voice until there comes a time when you mature and grow and find your own voice.


Thank you for reading. Have a great day!


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