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Why are You so Afraid of Sales?

A gentleman visited my office recently to discuss how I might be able to help him grow his business. He was well turned out in a sharp looking suit and he arrived on time and well prepared for our meeting. He opened his briefcase to show me the beautiful looking products that he had designed and made and boasted about his ability to produce at least one new version of the product every month.


“So, how many of these have you sold and who is your target customer?” I asked. To my amazement, although he had spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds creating the product he had no idea about who his ideal customer was and had not sold ANY of the products!


I asked him why he had continued to create a product that he was unsure anyone actually wanted and that he had sold none of. He said, “I hate sales! Hopefully someone will come along one day who loves sales and they will see value in my product and will sell it for me.”


If anyone ever does come along and decide to sell these products for him it would be an absolute miracle. This is an example of how you should not build your business.


Before you spend lots of money creating fancy products or websites or renting expensive office space you need to find out if you have a viable product. You need to decide who your ideal customer is and then go out and prove the value of your product. You do that by SELLING. Yes, I’ll say it again SELLING. You have to get out there and see whether there is a desire for your product in your market. Will people exchange money for this product or service? And, will they buy it from YOU?


Once you’ve tested and proven the value you can think about putting money in but not until.


The gentleman I mentioned earlier could have saved a lot of time and money by going to speak to some prospective customers at the start of his journey, taking some samples and finding it out if what he was making was what they needed.


Not doing so meant who also missed out on the valuable opportunity of getting some feedback. That feedback could have helped him to rethink and redesign and improve his product before taking it to market.


Go out and have conversations with your ideal customers about your products before you invest heavily. And avoid the trap of doing everything but sales.


Errol Lawson

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