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What Does It Take To Go To The Next Level?

Every entrepreneur, business owner, leader wants to take their impact, their revenue, their growth to the next level. Not everyone does. Some are literally sitting on the edge of a breakthrough and they can’t see it.


What stops people from leveling up?




‘Justifyingly’ Putting things off. Making excuses for your lack of action. Shoulda, woulda, coulda syndrome.




Inside the right supportive, encouraging and resourceful environment great things can happen. Outside of it things are really slow and sluggish. It can take ages to make progress or get things done. The right environment is crucial.


Wrong attitudes towards money


Believing money is bad or being wealthy is bad or being ‘succesful’ is not good or any thoughts that sound like this immediately block your pathway. Money is given in exchange for adding value. The helpers, resources and opportunities you need could be staring you in the face but your negative beliefs about wealth and success can blind you.


Why should you do?


1. Believe in yourself


You are sitting on a mountain of value. It’s probably true that someone with belief in themselves could take your business ornidea just as it is and turn it into a very succesful business surpassing your own expectations. You have to believe in yourself, your experience and your ability to add value.


2. Get around the right people


Marathon runners train with other marathon runners. You have to join a peer group that is playing on the level you want to be on. They will help you to elevate your thinking and your attitude. Spend less time with people that don’t believe in you or your dreams.


3. Take action


Deep down you know exactly what you need to do next. Take action. Take baby steps every single day towards your goals and dreams you can do it. Get out there and make a positive difference in someone’s life today.


4. Pray


Put everything to God in prayer. All over the world people are saying the same thing. Prayer changes things.


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