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Turning young people’s​ passion into purpose and profit – Part 3

With youth comes energy, passion and creativity. How do we help our young people to channel this energy and enthusiasm positively so that they can find a sense of meaning and perhaps turn that passion into a profitable business?




“Readers are leaders” – a wise man once said. I love reading. As a young person I really enjoyed reading and then i got to school and my adventure books and comics became textbooks and I fell out of love with reading. I picked it up again when I was about 21. I then developed the practice, eventually, of reading a book a week.


Reading is to the brain as exercise is to the body. If we want to give our young people a fighting chance at channeling their entrepreneurial flair we have to encourage them to read. Or listen to audio tapes or podcasts for that matter that will educate and inform them about how they can develop their ideas and perhaps turn them into profit.


One way of doing that is to offer them a financial reward for doing so. This won’t work with every young person of course. The point is, you know your young person. You have to figure out a way, as soon as possible, to incentivise them to read good books.


Some of the classics like “how to win friends and influence people” and “rich dad poor dad”, “teenpreneur – how to build a business in your teens” are great books you can exposed your child to.


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