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Turning young people’s​ passion into purpose and profit – Part 2

With youth comes energy, passion and creativity. How do we help our young people to channel this energy and enthusiasm positively so that they can find a sense of meaning and perhaps turn that passion into a profitable business?





I am stunned when I meet young people from inner city Birmingham who have never been to the new library or to the museum in the city. People have travelled from abroad just to see some of these things!
Remember, children do what children see. We have to expose our young people to as many positive environments and experiences in their formative years as we possibly can.

I remember taking a group of teenagers to Ghana about 7 years ago. For some it was their first time out of the country. We worked in schools and and villages, teaching classes, visiting orphanages, seeing some of the sites in the country. Trying new food. Going to the beach. It was great fun. Since then many of those young people have travelled abroad several times. They are big thinkers and dreamers. Some have even spent months abroad in other countries since. Their eyes were opened to new horizons and possibilities. This is what exposure to experiences can do. What new experience can you take your young person on this weekend? What and who can you expose them to? Something to get them out of their comfort zone once in a while will open their minds up to a whole new way of viewing the world.

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