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Turning Young People’s​ Passion Into Purpose And Profit – Part 1

With youth comes energy, passion and creativity. How do we help our young people to channel this energy and enthusiasm positively so that they can find a sense of meaning and perhaps turn that passion into a profitable business?


Here are three things I think we as adults and parents can all do:


1. Set the example at home.


“A person who is taught at home will stand with confidence in the community” – a Kiwi proverb


“Children do what children see” – Anonymous. I don’t remember who said that but it’s stuck with me. Children do what children see. It stands to reason then that if we want our children to make a positive contribution in the world, then as parents and adults we have to model what that looks like. We have to be intentional about getting out of our comfort zone and engaging in the community, work, local government or starting our own side business. We must demonstrate what it means to contribute and make a difference.


A friend of mine has three boys that are all doing really well at school and in college. They’re hard working, have leadership roles in their schools and have great respect from their peers. It’s not by chance though. Both their parents actually took time to sit down and decide the kind of examples they wanted to be for their children and now the boys have followed their example. It starts at home. It’s not always possible to have a positive home environment, but a positive home environment is crucial.


Please share your thoughts and examples below. Look out for the part 2 of blog in a few days time.


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