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Turn Your Side Hustle to a Six Figure Hustle

This week I’ve had a couple of conversations with some amazing women that are running their own small businesses. I say amazing because they have been managing so many challenges and personal responsibilities whilst still trying to build their own businesses.


In both cases, whilst their small businesses had a level of demand they were unable to grow and scale because they didn’t have the support or the know how about how to grow. The consequence for both of them is that they are both stuck on the treadmill.


Both have great business ideas, lots of desire, plenty of raw talent but no support. They don’t have the community around them that they need to be able to grow.


Sadly this is the story for many people. Their side hustle only ever remains a side hustle because they don’t have the support, accountability or know how to be able to take it to the next level.


This is one of the reasons I’m running the business Advancement workshop on the 16th December. It’s for people that are full of desire that want to grow and scale their business but feel like it’s taking forever. They just don’t have the time to think about growing and scaling because of all the other things they are doing.


If this sounds like someone you know please invite them along to this exclusive event which is for just 10 people. The investment is £97. To book on or for more information. Visit


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