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Thoughts on Leadership: The Eight Hour Formula

In the past few months, I have been able to interview over sixty of the most successful Christian leaders in the marketplace and church from all around the world. You have likely heard some of these interviews if you follow my podcast, The Rising Generation. Whether you have followed the podcast or you are new to this site, I am excited to mention that I am working on a new book collection for leaders called, The Leadership Series, and it will be available in the next few months with tips and strategies from many of these leaders that I have spoken with.


In the series, I share with you wisdom and insights gained from the leaders that I’ve interviewed- and in this blog I’m going to share with you snippets from the first book in the series entitled, Building a Winning Team.


Building a winning team is something that all successful leaders have had to do, and today I want to share with you some examples learned from the interview I had with Dr. David Carr.

Dr. Carr is the Senior Pastor of Renewal Christian Centre in Solihull, UK. He travels the world as a writer, speaker and pastor, leading organizations and sharing his message all around the globe. His personal story is an amazing one of overcoming obstacles, and he consistently spends his time helping others and doing great things for the kingdom of God. When I spoke with him, however, he told me that he would not be where he is if he had not learned to manage his time differently, many years ago.


Today, Dr. Carr has a system in place that is known as the eight-hour formula. He sees his time as his most valuable resource. If you think about it, we all have 24 hours in a day, right?


Well, according to Dr. Carr, each of us also have daily activities that he calls the non-negotiables.


What are non-negotiables?
Non-negotiable things may include the hours you have to spend at work, in the office, the hours at night you sleep, or anything that is a must for you every single day- things that you have to do no matter what. As an example, some of us need more sleep than others do.


A trick Dr. Carr shared, for using his time effectively, is to look at your non-negotiables and add them up. How many hours are they in total? Next, Dr. Carr makes sure that everything on his list after the non-negotiables are real priorities.


Then, he breaks up his days into 3 separate and simple categories: the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Each category represents 8-hour blocks of time. Within those 8-hour time slots he strives to maximise his time by putting the truly important things first, such as creating more income and adding value to his clients. It is not enough to just be busy, he taught me, but we must always first become productive.


As an example, while Dr. Carr was pastoring his first church, he was working six days a week selling pensions and things were difficult financially. When his ministerial duties forced him to manage his time more effectively, rather than quit, he started selling corporate pensions- using the same time and energy to produce greater results. The result was that he found he could cover all of the bills by only selling one of the corporate pensions once a month! Now that is efficient time-management!


So, as you endeavour to make the most of your own time and leadership abilities, ask yourself some questions each day that will help you use your 8-hour blocks of time the most effectively.

Ask yourself: Am I spending enough time on sales, relationships, and team growth?

    • Am I spending too much time on little things that someone else can do better?
    • Am I spending more time consuming information than I am creating things that add value to people and customers?
    • What are the top 3-5 things I need to do today to make the most progress in my life and business?
    • Am I dedicating enough time to income generating activities?
    • Am I adding value in my niche and industry?
  • Asking yourself these questions can help you gain clarity in your priorities and will also allow you to truly maximise your time each day.So on a last note in this lesson from Dr. Carr, remember that lost time is never found again-and great leaders always see their time differently. They see time as their greatest resource.I hope you found this blog helpful and if you liked this strategy, you are going to love my new leadership series. So be sure to sign up for email updates on this upcoming series here, with more great tips and stories from some of the best leaders in our generation.


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