……My thanks go to you for your inspirational speech and imparting  your wisdom to our students …..and staff, in a lively, engaging and personalised way!  I have received lots of positive feedback from our students. Julie Anderson, Deputy Head, Moseley School, Birmingham

Errol Lawson leads by example, through the project & events this young man has created from start to finish, I have no doubt in my mind that he is a twenty first century world changer…I have been overly impressed by his passion and concern for the future of our youth and the legacy we leave for them. Nathan Dennis FCYN

Errol is an highly passionate, driven, motivated man of integrity. His style of leadership and delivery is authentic, creative and inspirational. When you come into contact with Errol, you are sure to be inspired and uplifted! Melissa Shervington, Director, Engage Consultancy.

I have found Errol to be focused and passionate about whatever he puts his mind to. His enthusiaism makes him an even better trainer, teacher and mentor for young people. Karl George MBE ,The Governance Forum Limited

Errol Lawson is an honest man, in the most noble acceptance of the word. He is professional, serious, committed and passionate. He adds a sense of hope, energy and faith to his expert skills as a life coach. Working with him has been a real joy and a priviledge. Camille Solal, Coach, TEDx Basque Country

I have been working with Errol on a specific program launch. I have found him to be enthusiastic, dynamic and conscientious. A pleasure to work with. John Harris, Country Director, SMI (UK) Ltd

Errol is one of those CAN DO Must Do people. He gets on with the task at hand, he inspires others to get involved and things happen – very proud to recommend him and to have worked with him. Siobhan Harper-Nunes, Director, Shakti Women Ltd

Errol Lawson is an inspirational leader and motivator. I highly recommend his both challenging and motivational approach that will encourage you to see beyond your limitations and practically access your dreams. Monique Thomas, CEO Virtuous Records

I have had the pleasure and honour to have known Errol since 2002, whilst working together on a number of both local and national youth focused initiatives.
What I admire the most about Errol is that he has lived what he preaches – by his own life experience to help others, he acts from a place of warmth and a real understanding.

I have found him to a humble man of great integrity, passion and purpose. He always takes the time to listen and analyse your issue and offer practical solutions and strategies that create long-lasting impacts!
I recommend Errol and believe he will be an asset to any activity, that he is involved in! Joel Graham-Blake, Founder & Managing Director, Cultiv8 Solutions, The DEN Entrepeneur network at HOT 500

Errol Lawson is an inspirational leader and motivator. I highly recommend his both challenging and motivational approach that will encourage you to see beyond your limitations and practically access your dreams.  Sharron Isaacs, Owner, Sovereign

Errol Lawson is a great communicator, motivator and focussed individual whom I consider to be a Leader who will inspire you to achieve success and has a passion for young people to reach their true potential in life. As a Youth Minister, Errol strives for excellence and is dynamic in his approach that develops the confidence in young people to take steps to move to another level in their personal and spiritual development. In addition to the great work Errol does as a Youth Minister at MZCC, he is an entrepreneur and an inspiration to me and a well respected individual to work with. If you get an opportunity to work with Errol, take it because you will achieve success

Errol has a intuitive mind and vision to look which he has been blessed with. He is able to articulate himself with all people at all levels and always thinks out of the box and beyond. We need more young men like Errol within our communities . Valerie Spence, Business Manager, Birmingham City Council

Errol is a highly focused individual of a high calibre who can always be relied upon to accomplish great things. He has continued to prove dedication and enthusiasm for the goals that he sets. I would highly recommend him as a well established person to work with. Geraldine Taylor, Author.

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