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Richard Woods – KPI Success Story


Richard Woods, author and founder of Digital Trailblazer, shares his entrepreneurial journey, and discusses how covering his 5P’s helped him get on The Apprentice UK and become one of its strongest contestants yet.


Richard was looking for a process; he was looking for guides and mentors that could help him get to the next level of his entrepreneurial journey. He made a decision to go through the KPI training process where he met proper mentors that helped him productise his services and perfect his pitch. He confidently shares how the KPI programme helped his business grow rapidly and ultimately.


He stated: “Went in there, got into The Apprentice, got that phone call – brilliant! I had my book ready to go. I had my service productised before I could come out and do (the show). I had partnerships running all over the place. I was ready.”


Here is the link to the next event. Click to find out more:


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