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Overcoming Obstacles through Self-Belief

What if? What if the ambitious amongst us in our generation, whether they were straight-A students, or not, or whether they had the necessary and beneficial parental support, could still find a way to develop their mindsets and attitudes and make a great and positive contribution to the society in which we live? I believe that this is absolutely possible for every ambitious young person out there. In fact, the times that we live in and the technology available to us, make it more and more possible. I’m convinced of this for a number of reasons.


Firstly, in travelling to different countries around the world I have seen time and time again individuals that, in-spite of life’s hardships and limitations, have been able to rise above, breakthrough and make a difference in their community, city or nation. Which demonstrates that, if you have the ambition to be able to live a life that matters and a life that leaves a lasting legacy and is strong enough ‘WHY’, YOU CAN DO IT!


I’m also convinced because throughout my favorite book, the Bible, I see stories of individuals that overcame the odds. They came from lowly backgrounds but by applying certain principles to their lives they changed their lives completely.


With this said, the confidence you need to be successful as a young entrepreneur or business owner doesn’t grow on trees. Our confidence develops over time as we step out and take action on the ideas that we have.


So here are some things that will help you build your confidence as a young entrepreneur and ambitious dreamer:


#1 Believe YOU can do anything –especially if someone else has already achieved it


My own story is living proof of this truth. After finding myself homeless at 16 and struggling with drugs and gang involvement as a young adult, I now have transformed my life. Today, in my thirties, I travel around the world and the UK helping build young leadership programs in the local schools. I also head up an organization in Africa that focuses on preparing the next generation. So trust me, if you believe you can do anything, you will.


#2 Realize your past doesn’t determine your future


Time and again, men and women around the world have overcome setbacks to achieve their dreams and goals. The key is to learn from others who have done it before you. Find friends and mentors to help you get there quicker.


#3 Have Faith


Why did it take me so long to start up my own business? I believe it was due to a big lack of faith. Courageous and faith-filled people decide early on what they want out of life by setting clear goals. They decide which parts of the past get to come along with them and which ones don’t- and they utilize the present to reach for the futures they desire.


So at the end of the day, it is up to us. We decide what our lives will look like and what legacies we will leave behind. Believe in yourself and believe in God. When you do, you will inevitably become unstoppable.


I hope you found these tips helpful. If you would like to read about these ideas in more depth check out my book, Teenpreneur: How to Build a Business in your Teens, as these tips have been taken from that resource.


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