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Make Money and Make a Difference

It is possible to create and build a great business and also to make a massive difference in the world at the same time.


There’s a new generation of entrepreneurs that are coming through who’s hearts cry is “I want to change the world!”


They’re coming up with great ideas and business concepts and creating great wealth and doing all they can to make a positive difference in their communities at the same time.


The tragedy is that at the same time there are some amazing people out there with the same desire to make an impact in their communities and that have great ideas but they have neglected to build a viable business or entrepreneurial solution that has helped to bring the wealth in and make their community or social endeavour sustainable.


I know many of them and have advised many of them over the years. The biggest challenge that they have is their mindset about wealth. They think money is bad. They have learned not to respect money. And, because money doesn’t just follow value it follows those that respect it, they don’t have any. Consequently they either rely on donations or their ideas don’t go very far.


You have to do both.


You have to develop a healthy attitude towards money. For the sake of your ideas and all of the people that are going to benefit you need to work on your mindset to money.


There are several great books out there on the subject. I recommend ‘Money Chimp’ By Andrew Priestley and ‘The 4 Money Mindsets’ by Karen Sutton Johal. Make up your mind that you won’t let your attitude towards money get in the way of you fulfilling your purpose and making a positive impact in the world.


Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day!


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