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Jacqui Pretty – KPI Success Story

Jacqui Pretty owner and founder of Grammar Factory, a company that helps entrepreneurs write awesome books, shares how the KPI program helped her develop pitches with an 80% close rate.


Jacqui shares how she tried to do anything that she could think of to make her business work. She attended the Brand Accelerator program, signed up and followed the system. Today, things in her business are very different. Now she is a published author! She had launched a book called “Book Blueprint” in 3 days and bought in $15,000 of revenue.


She stated: “Back then, I used to struggle to articulate my value and that meant that not a lot of people wanted to work with me. Today, my pitch has an 80% close rate even though I’ve almost tripled my rates since I started Grammar Factory.”


Here is the link to the next event. Click to find out more.


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