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Is your Impatience in the Way of your Progress?

Have you ever been in central London during the rush hour? The speed at which commuters seem to be moving is remarkable. Everybody is eyes forward and focused, they seem to completely ignore what’s going on aroundthem, they don’t speak to each other, they march at full speed towards their destination. If you’re from another city like me, going to London can feel like entering a whole new world! It seems like everyone is in a massive hurry.


When I speak to entrepreneurs and leaders one of the biggest frustrations they share with me is that they are not getting where they want to get to at a quick enough pace. They are in such a hurry. I’m quite a goal driven person myself. Having a sense of urgency and enthusiasm is not a bad thing but when we start getting overly impatient it can cause problems.


Some traits of overly impatient people:


They trample on other people to get where they are going – They easily upset, offend, neglect and sometimes abuse people around them.


They don’t take time to appreciate their wins and the good things they have achieved – Very little time is given to value and appreciate the journey and the impact that has been had.


They make bad decisions because of impatience – They make long-term decisions based on short-term feelings or emotions.


They don’t take enough time to look after themselves and their own health and well being – They neglect their health. They eat poorly and don’t get much exercise.


Frustrate the life out of their team members and close relations – The people around them don’t always tell them but they are totally frustrated by them. They call them names behind their back because that’s how they make them feel.


Do you find yourself being impatient a lot of the time?


Take a moment to ask the people around you if they think you’re impatient and ask them how that makes them feel. Have an honest conversation with them and see what you might learn.


Remember you may not be where you want to be just yet but you’re a long way from where you were. Take time to smell the roses and appreciate some of the blessings you have in your life.


If it’s really bad, get some counseling. Life is too short to be stressing yourself out about your ‘goals’ at the expense of your health and your relationships.


Thank you for reading!


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