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Idea Exchange – “Lifting the lid on your vision” with Kristian Thorpe



Kristian Thorpe is the Lead Pastor of Arena Church. Kristian first came to Arena Church in 2000, after moving from Milton Keynes Christian Centre where he served as Youth Pastor. He served alongside former Senior Pastor Eric Hobson before taking over the leadership of the church in 2007. He is genuinely excited about the church and is passionate about bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to all people in the most practical, relevant and understandable way. Kristianis impassioned by the church working as a team and believes that church should be welcoming, fun, full of vision and should above all show the love and power of God. Kristian is married to Caroline and they have four fantastic children; Annie, Eleanor, Isaac and Lilia.

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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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