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Have You Not Yet Forgiven a Boss or Employee that Let You Down?

You look at the Facebook profile of the person or you hear their name come up in conversation and you still feel angry and bitter about what happened in your experience with them. It can happen. It’s natural. However staying in a place of bitterness and unforgiveness doesn’t serve us and makes absolutely no difference to the other person. In fact it’s more damaging to us than it is to them.


How to overcome it


Take 5 minutes out of your day today and write down all of the things that the employee, boss, or colleague did to you or for you that you were grateful for. Reflect back and make a good long list.


For example:


– They gave you an opportunity
– They believed in you
– The introduced new clients
– The increased trust in our brand


Make a long list.


Now here’s the thing. You need to get some perspective. If you’re going to blame them for all the things that went wrong you have to blame them for all of the things that happened that we’re good as well. You have to blame them for EVERYTHING.

Then choose to let go of the hurt and resentment. Be grateful.


Be grateful for everything and experience the joy of forgiving. In forgiving others we learn to forgive ourselves and to move forward to better things. None of us are perfect. Let today be the day you choose to let some things go and move forward.
Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day!


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