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Emma Davidson – KPI Success Story


Emma Davidson an Independent Investment Specialist shares how she used the KPI Method to add financial horsepower to her investment firm. Originally Emma couldn’t see the value in writing a book until after it was published! Her business is now fuelled by her unique philosophy.


Before joining the KPI Programme, she was lacking motivation. She shares how the KPI programme pushed her in ways that she could not ever imagine. She shares how the programme helped her communicate her values so she could establish and build relationships with companies and people that have the same values as her. She became more committed in writing articles that soon turned into a book.


She stated: “I am so excited about my business. I am so exhilarated and believe me a large part of that is down to my KPI journey and the incredible people that I have met along the way.”


Here is the link to the next event. Click to find out more.


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