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“The following blog post is an excerpt from a new book by Errol Lawson called “The 5 Core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders”. Errol is a business coach, best selling author and youth pastor. The book is written primarily for the Christian community but readers from all beliefs can gain great insights from his writings.”


To truly understand the nature and genesis of vision, we need to look to the examples provided for us in the Bible. This is the best way to determine whether a call is truly from the Lord or just our own desires masquerading as His will.

Some of the Kingdom’s most influential visionaries received their call through supernatural means. Many great men and women heard God’s voice directly, as we can read in the stories of Moses and Isaiah. Still more great leaders discovered God’s vision through dreams or other phenomena. Think of Joseph, who learned of God’s plan to make him ruler of Egypt through cryptic dreams, or of the prophet Ezekiel, who dreamed of an angel feeding him the scroll of God’s word.


Despite what skeptics may tell you, God is still visibly active in the world. He still uses these kinds of supernatural interventions to get our attention—we just need to look out for them!


Too often, however, leaders become discouraged because God hasn’t given them an explicit sign. Calls to service aren’t always that dramatic. God communicates with each of us in a totally unique way, because He alone knows how we were made. He may speak powerfully to you through study of His word, or appreciation of the incredible world He has created. He may show you His will in the prayers of a mentor or the lyrics of your favourite worship song. So pay attention to the thousands of opportunities you have to hear from God each day. Pursue fellowship with other strong believers. Spend time in nature. Dedicate yourself to prayer, worship, and periodic fasting.


For the full text, look out for The 5 core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders, which will be available on Amazon. It’s coming soon.


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