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Cynthia Dearin – KPI Success Story

Cynthia has an extensive background as a consultant helping organisations grow into emerging markets. She launched her own firm focused on the Middle East and has used the KPI Method to develop her business. She’s enhanced her success in pitching, written a powerful book and developed an exciting product offer.



Cynthia has broken free of the “time for money” billing model and has scaled her company. She’s been in the media extensively, invited on top delegations, speaking at industry events and working alongside government. She’s got the confidence to create the business she’s always wanted to.


She stated: “KPI has given me the confidence that I can create this business that I had wanted to create. I feel optimistic about the future. I feel very confident that the business is will go on and flourish. And I feel very excited”.


Here is the link to the next event. Click to find out more.


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