119 Kristian Thorpe – The Entrepreneurial Church leader

Our guest this week:

Kristian Thorpe


Originally joining Arena Church in 2000, Kristian has led the church since 2007. In this time the church has dramatically changed, actively engaging in the community and becoming fully relevant to modern lives whilst developing a pioneering vision.


Kristian has been married to Caroline since 1992 and they have 4 children. He is a passionate supporter of Liverpool FC and Miami Heat, and his heroes include General William Booth and Kenny Dalglish. His other interests include jazz music, spicy foods, and sunshine holidays.


He loves life, loves the church, and believes in teamwork.

118 Tom Ziglar – The Zig Ziglar Legacy

Our guest this week:

Tom Ziglar


As CEO of Ziglar and key collaborator on his father’s 30th book, Born to Win, Tom Ziglar carries on the organization’s “profoundly simple” philosophy:


“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”


Tom shares this lesson with billion-dollar companies, small-business owners, and prestigious academic institutions, allowing thousands of clients to take their business further than they ever dreamed possible.


The world hungers for inspiration, motivation, and hope. With Tom’s innovation and world-class coaching, Ziglar is the go-to resource.

117 Danielle Strickland – Growing Spiritually

Our guest this week:

Danielle Strickland


Danielle Strickland serves in The Salvation Army as an Officer – currently based in Toronto, Canada. Danielle loves Jesus and she loves people. Her aggressive compassion has loved people firsthand in countries all over the world where she has embraced, served, cared, evangelized, taught, and exhorted individuals and crowds to surrender to the boundless love of Jesus.


She loves the more fragile in communities around the world. Over the years that has led her to back alleys and late night streets to partner with Jesus in rescuing those caught up in drugs and homelessness, prostitution and despair. It has led her to the halls of government and corridors of commercial power to see laws changed and practices transformed so that people aren’t trafficked and children aren’t enslaved.


She has sought to cultivate authentic Christian community in deprived neighborhoods on the way to loving the last, the lost and the least into God’s Kingdom.


Danielle loves the Body of Christ. God is using her to help equip followers of Jesus in discipleship, holiness, justice, and evangelism by teaching, preaching, and writing.


And, Strickland loves her family – redeemed from the clutches of the enemy, generational addiction and violence, she and her husband are bringing up their children in the fear and friendship of the Lord.

Danielle’s has written:

– Just Imagine: the social justice agenda
– Challenging Evil: Dispatches from the front lines of radical justice
– The Liberating Truth: How Jesus Empowers Women
– A Beautiful Mess; How God recreates our Lives
– Boundless; living life in overflow
– The Ultimate Exodus: Finding Freedom From What Enslaves You
– Danielle is passionately committed to seeing God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, is married,
– and is the mother of three boys.

116 Errol Lawson – What is a mentor? Why do I need one? How do I find one?

For 20 years I’ve coached and trained young people, entrepreneurs and leaders from different sectors helping them to transform their personal lives, businesses and organisations and create the results that they really want.

Whenever I speak to audiences or coach clients they get the following results

  • They discover their life purpose
  • They get a clear understanding of what their ‘why’ is.
  • They regularly have those ‘aha’ moments that result in financial gains, improved performance and healthier relationships.
  • They discover the confidence needed to be able to confront difficult situations and step into their biggest challenges.
  • They get clarity about their mission and vision and their personal values.
  • They overcome the procrastination trap and start writing and publishing the books and blogs that they always wanted to do.
  • They start to build their brand and build an online profile that positions them to be an influential leader in their industry.
  • They discover who their ideal clients are and they create and sell products/service to them.
  • They take action on their goals and start getting paid doing what they love.


I deliver motivational talks and workshops around the world and I currently offer one to one mentoring and coaching for high performing leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals that want to breakthrough to their next level. If you are seriously looking for a mentor or coach to help you bring about change in your life and/or business then simply email my team at admin@errollawson.com to arrange a consultation call and to find out if we are good fit for each other.

115 Scott Whittaker – How to grow your membership business

Our guest this week:

Scott Whittaker

The results you are getting from your membership and subscription program are a direct correlation of the strategies and systems you have in place. You’re currently getting what your program is built for.
Scott Whitaker can help you implement the “Seven Systems of a Growing Membership Business.” These seven systems are already at work in your business, whether you realize it or not. Every membership and subscription business has:
1. Content (what, when and how you deliver your membership to members)
2. Assimilation (getting new members to become fully-engaged in your program)
3. Marketing (getting prospects and turning them into members)
4. Retention (keeping members for the long-haul)
5. Ascension (getting members to upgrade their membership)
6. Strategy (constantly evaluating and improving your membership business)
7. Leadership (growing your personal leadership so that your business will grow)


Every activity in your membership and subscription business involves one of these seven systems.


Scott’s strategic mind and use of these seven systems have been growing and building membership businesses regardless of their niche. He is the founder of Why People Quit, Inc. where he coaches membership business owners on how to get new members, reduce churn and increase profits.


He is the author of “Why People Quit Your Membership Program & What You Can Do About It” and an online course “Seven Systems of a Growing Membership Business.”


Scott has led membership organizations in both non-profit and for profit companies since 1997. He’s noted for having built the largest for profit coaching network for pastors of churches; growing from just 72 pastors a year to over 3,000 pastors a year.


Scott and his wife Kelly have been married for over 20 years and have two daughters. They enjoy traveling and experiencing local cuisine.

114 Grace Marshall – Stop procrastinating and take action!

Our guest this week:

Grace Marshall

I coach, train, write and speak on productivity. I help people adopt new ways of working and thinking about their work to replace stress, overwhelm and frustration with I coach, train, write and speak on productivity. I help people adopt new ways of working and thinking about their work to replace stress, overwhelm and frustration with success, sanity and satisfaction. I’m naturally disorganised. My passion for productivity began when I got fed up of saying “I haven’t got enough time.” Impatience is what drove me to get good at getting things done. I wasn’t willing to put life on hold so I juggle my business, family, community and social life on a daily basis – and not necessarily in that order. Now I absolutely love helping people live the life they want in the time that they have.


As a qualified coach, NLP practitioner and DiSC trainer, I bring both a psychological and a practical perspective to productivity. My clients tell me I have a knack for helping them untangle their thoughts and get to the heart of what’s getting in their way. My commitment is to leave people feeling better than before. For some it’s about becoming calmer, more at ease, and in control. For others the aim is to get fired up, focused and ready to take action. Whatever your productivity goal, we’ll work together to develop the insights, skills and strategies you need to be clear and confident with your way forward.

113 Lee Button – Helping Churches Make Vision Real

Our guest this week:

Lee Button

Lee Button, based in the UK, spent six years as Operations Director at New Community Network and Pioneer Trust. With a Business Degree and 17 years of experience spanning corporate and third sector settings, he facilitates Strategic Thinking, Service Design, and Digital Transformation projects, helping organisations create their preferred future. Lee also delivers training, coaching, and serves on the leadership team of New Community Eastleigh.

112 Shae Bynes – Becoming a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Our guest this week:

She Bynes

Our guest this week: She Bynes Shae Bynes is a passionate storyteller, best-selling author, engaging teacher and mentor whose life and business were completely transformed through the power of encountering the unrelenting love of God. She is on a mission to help Shae Bynes is a passionate storyteller, best-selling author, engaging teacher and mentor whose life and business were completely transformed through the power of encountering the unrelenting love of God. She is on a mission to help people experience God’s best in their business and family lives.Both a minister and business owner, Shae equips and ignite entrepreneurs in the marketplace, as well as married couples inside and outside of the bedroom (through a growing marriage ministry with her hubby and high school sweetheart Phil).


She is a native Floridian and admittedly addicted to sunshine and water. She happily calls the Fort Lauderdale area her home and cherishes her roles as wife and mom of 3.

111 Jim Cockrum – Building a business with Christ at the centre

Our guest this week:

Jim Cockrum

Since the late 90’s Jim & his team have been on a mission to help entrepreneurs THRIVE by combining classic business truths with cutting edge creative online strategies. They now boast over 1,000 documented success stories from entrepreneurs and businesses around the world, but they are just getting started!


Jim was ranked among the most trusted Internet Marketers in the world (among hundreds of ‘experts’ his name keeps showing up on top) according to the 40,000 voting members of an independent watch dog service. His best selling book “Silent Sales Machine” has been read by an estimated 800,000 people around the world and is a consistent top 10 seller on Amazon in the Internet business category. You can get two free chapters here to see if it’s for you.His business mission in life is to assist those who have an entrepreneurial heart and help them build sustainalbe income streams online. Because he believes online is where the most compelling business opportunities in the business world reside, he focuses his study and business models on what he calls, “the most effective communication and relationship building tool ever given to mankind – the Internet.”He doesn’t simply teach multiple income streams strategies – he lives it! He’s been actively selling on Amazon & eBay (since 1997), a publishing company, a consulting company, two membership sites with tens of thousands of paid members at MySilentTeam.com and OfflineBiz.com and several other related income streams. Along with his two closest partners (Nathan Bailey & Brett Bartlett) Jim helps run a combined $25 million annual sales empire.A large network of his former students turned partners & coaches are a part of the team of more than 70 people who, while all running successful businesses online themselves, also help coach others do the same (See JimCockrumCoaching.com). His 30,000 member free Facebook community actively and freely assist any online seller, author or entrepreneur with online business questions.

110 Chris Niemeyer – Business as mission

Our guest this week:

Chris Niemeyer

Chris Niemeyer founded MissionTravel.org in 2006. Their passion for missions and travel formed the idea of serving the travel needs of those serving the world. Chris loves to travel and has been to nearly 30 countries – with another 100+ countries on his bucket list. He’s a group travel specialist and cruise group guru – putting together conferences at sea for businesses and other affinity groups. For some strange reason, Chris’ interests start with the letter “f” – faith, family, friends, food, fitness, finance & far-off places. Outside of work, he’s likely being tackled by and playing with his 4 young kids or coaching their sport activities.