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“Great athletes have coaches, so do great leaders. The right leadership coach for you will result in increase in your performance and dramatically increase the results you achieve.”


How the coaching works

Once we have had our initial discovery session in which you get the chance to discuss your biggest challenges, and we have agreed that we are a good fit for each other, we will begin a  6 month or 12 month course of coaching or mentoring. For some of my clients 3 months of coaching are often enough to get them ‘unstuck’ and to help them to get the clarity that they need to move to where they need to be. Once we have completed the agreed course of coaching we will decide what we do next.

The coaching begins by getting really clear about what your current reality is, what your goals are and what the obstacles or barriers are that are in your way. Together we will put a clear and personal action plan in place that will guarantee the outcomes that you want. I will then hold you accountable to getting those things done.

I will expect you to play ALL OUT for the duration of the coaching.  I’ll give you as much or as little challenge as you can handle. I’m committed to giving you the very best of me and my experience and expertise for the whole time that we are working together.

Ideally we will work on a face to face basis but I am happy to coach over Skype if you are overseas. During the time that you are receiving coaching you can email anytime 24/7 and I will respond within 12 hours.

“Benefits of my unique coaching approach”

“Coaching has indirectly transformed my life. I want to enable others to experience the same transformation in their lives and business. Everyone has a great gift that they were put on this world to do. The way you know you have it is because you cannot not do it. This is what coaching is for me.”

As individuals we all live in a “story” about who we are, how the world works, and what we’re able to do. Some call these beliefs or mental models. The point is: they’re very real to us, but they’re made up. As we grow from one level of leadership or influence to another these stories become insufficient and we have to find new stories or mental models to be able to make the leap.

In other words, the thinking that got you here today … is not the thinking that will get you where you need to go!

My life as a teenager, homeless and disaffected gave me a series of beliefs that were continually reinforced in many negative ways. But, when faced with critical turning points in my life these beliefs were insufficient to help me make decisions. “I went from criminally raging against the world to becoming a Pastor and trying to heal it”.

I know what it’s like to be in a place that seems like a dark hole and I also know what it takes to get up out of it. I am committed to using his coaching skills and personal life experiences and his coach training to help others to overcome their obstacles and realise their potential, in any area of their life.

Who does Errol work with?

Errol has coached individuals from all walks of life. Including Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Head teachers, Business men and woman, Senior executives, Musicans and artists. In his mind, people are people. No matter what type of profession they are in. We all have challenges and we all need support from others to help us to move forward. Errol’s experience as a Pastor for 10 years has really helped him to identify with people from a variety of backgrounds.

Here is what a couple of my clients have said recently.

“Probably the best coach I’ve ever had…” Heather Roberts, Head Teacher, Aston Manor Academy.

“I was at a position in my career where I needed some guidance and confidence in bringing back my “believe it you can do it!” attitude, Errol was able to quickly identify what type of coaching I needed and focussed me clearly on aspects of my own confidence that had been hidden away for a while. I strongly recommend a coaching session with Errol for people eager to evolve to a higher level of personal confidence and professional satisfaction” Nisha Vaitha, Assistant Head, Golden Hillock School

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Areas in which Errol can help you

Leadership development
Career planning
Goal setting
Personal development
Public Speaking and Communication skills
Business Start up
Overcoming fear and anxiety
Creating a healthy culture in your team or organisation
Business Development
Discovering your life purpose
Christian Life Coaching
Getting Work/life balance


There is no charge for the initial discovery session.

If we decide to proceed with the coaching or mentoring you can choose one of the coaching packages.

Of course greater than your investment of money will be your investment of time, energy and commitment to taking the action that you will need to be able to make those changes and have the life that you deserve.

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