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Brand Expansion Workshop

The Brand Expansion Workshop is a three hour workshop designed for leaders and entrepreneurs​ to think more entrepreneurially and to start to look at their entrepreneurial and business journey and we look at how that journey unfolds.


Most people think their business is unique with entirely different types of problems or challenges. What we found after interviewing thousands of entrepreneurs is that their challenges were similar in a lot of ways. Entrepreneurs see the bricks but not the entire wall and so they get caught up in their own little challenges not knowing that there are easier ways to progress through the journey.





In this workshop we explore the different phases of a business lifecycle from theIn this workshop we explore the different phases of a business lifecycle from the


Every business revolves around key persons of influence who are known, liked and trusted in their industry.They are the centre point of business.

This workshop covers the role of the Key Person of Influence and how to play that role by mapping out a journey of the current situation, projecting a 3 year outcome for your business taking into consideration all the possible challenges and how to deal with them and at the same time giving you a new perspective on your business.

There are 5 skills in becoming a Key Person of Influence and they revolve around

2.Publish content
3.Product and service ecosystem



When we look at hyper resourceful people they tend to exhibit really high level of competencies in those areas. We talk about how to leverage on these areas, what are the best practices, what you need to do to learn, what do you need to do, what is the behaviour in order to excel in those five areas.


This workshop over the past 5 years has worked with over 1500 entrepreneurs and leaders that we have come in contact with. We have written 3 best selling books on entrepreneurship and leadership. We have connected at a very close level with businesses and startups, helping them get funding and going from startup to multimillion pound businesses. We have won major awards all over the world and personally we have grown a global business around the world using these sort of ideas.




One of the things that we have learned over the years is that businesses lack perspective. It is difficult to get a perspective on your own business because you spend too much time there, you are too close to the detail. This 3 hour workshop is an opportunity to step out and zoom out to see your business from a perspective that you normally wouldn’t see.


You will be guided through the process of seeing out the next 3 years not from a process of forward engineering the past but reverse engineering the future through a process that we have refined over the past 5 years.


When the business owner loses perspective of the business they tend to focus on the functional elements of the business, they become very commoditized, they focus on being competitive, they get stuck in the detail and become less and less special and unique and they ultimately become commoditized and blind.


Only when you get perspective can you tune in to your story, your successes, your experiences, your network, the resources that you have got access to and it’s only through having that perspective that you can identify some of the hidden assets that you were already sitting on.


All entrepreneurs have assets at their disposal and it is only through having a different perspective that you can start to take advantage of these assets. This workshop is designed to give you the ideas, content and strategies to become more vital, to become an irreplaceable lifeforce.


Most people want to systematize and get out of their business and patently that strategy does not work.


People who speak about systematizing their business are themselves playing a key role of speaking about their business. The purpose of systems and processes is not so you can get out of your business but it is so that you can move to a higher level of vitality so that you have more impact and more influence.


This workshop has been held all over the world and has helped businesses in over 50 industries. Entrepreneurship is a challenging and frustrating journey and because it takes so much time and because you are so close to it you completely lose perspective as to how much value you are already on and how close you are to achieving exactly what you’ve always wanted for your business. But in order to see that value your have to get a new perspective.


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