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Avoid the Trap of Going Back to the Familiar

In the biblical story of the exodus from Egypt, after having crossed the Red Sea and been set free from slavery, when it got tough, there were a group of Israelites that decided they wanted to go back to Egypt. They reasoned to themselves that life was better back in Egypt under the bondage and slavery of the pharaoh. Sometimes our mindsets can be likened to an elastic band.

We start out on one level of thinking and through personal development, exposure and mentorship our mindsets expand and we grow to a new level of effectiveness and performance.


The danger


The danger is that we get stuck or hit an obstacle and we make the mistake of going back to what is familiar. We hit ‘the dip’ that part of the entrepreneurial journey where we feel a little bit lost and discouraged. Instead of persevering through the dip we jump out of the process and look for another bright and shiny object or we go back to the same kind of limited thinking that we had before.


How do you know if you’re going back?


You start charging less for your time than your worth
You’re taking on low value and functional activities that can be outsourced
You’re targeting customers and a market that you know don’t have much money
You don’t have any accountability person or group to help keep you on track
You’re making excuses for your lack of progress


What to do?


Recognise when you’re going back to Egypt and talk to someone about it that can help you get refocused.
Listen to audio books by people that inspire you and will help you stay focussed.
Stop jumping around from one thing to the next. Stick to what you’re good at, what you’re known for and the place where you add unique value. For a customer that can pay what you’re worth.

Thank you for reading! Have a blessed day!

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