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Are the Leaders in your Company or School Diminishing your Culture?

The impact that the leaders or teachers have on the culture of your school or organization cannot be under estimated.


I’ve recently delivered a number of training sessions for school leaders on “The Art of being brilliant”. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that we invest in our leaders if we want to see a positive change in our culture.


The workshop focusses on helping leaders to understand the importance that having a positive mental attitude has on performance, peer relationships, organizational culture and of course the results we achieve.


The big 5 topics we covered are:


Choosing to be Positive
Taking Personal Responsibility
Understanding your Impact
Setting Huge Goals
Here’s some feedback from of the schools we were in recently:


“Dear Errol,
I wanted to thank you for the amazing INSET session that you delivered at Sutton Girls on Tuesday. The tone was just right and not only was it inspiring at the time, it has had a big impact on staff- there is lots of talk about being a 2%er and ‘what would Errol say’. Your messages fitted well with my theme of encouraging growth mindset in the students and ourselves which I had shared with staff prior to your session. I am a huge believer in the mindset work of Carol Dweck and more recently the work of Brene Brown re ‘daring greatly’ and ‘rising strong’. I wanted to find out more so have ordered your leadership book and a couple of the ‘being brilliant’ books which I am looking forward to reading.
We will definitely be revisiting the happiness messages throughout the year and I hope you will be able to come back to do some further work with our staff and students.”


Perhaps we can help to resolve some of the challenges you are facing. To find out more about our workshops get in touch today by emailing
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