Bigger Than You – Part 1

“The following blog post is an excerpt from a new book by Errol Lawson called “The 5 Core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders”. Errol is a business coach, best-selling author and youth pastor. The book is written primarily for the Christian community but readers from all beliefs can gain great insights from his writings.”





Jon’s entire life has enabled him to empathise with people who feel spiritually lost and discouraged. “I grew up in a Jewish-Italian family. A lot of food, a lot of guilt. A lot of wine, a lot of whining,” Jon joked. “But we never went to church or temple. I was a seeker throughout my twenties and early thirties.”


Later, Jon experienced a very stressful period in his life, when his marriage was struggling, his career was faltering, and he felt utterly lacking in purpose. “My wife was tired of my negativity,” he said. “I opened up a burrito place so that I could fund my writing and speaking. And two weeks before the restaurant opened, I lost my job. I didn’t have insurance for
my kids, didn’t know how I was going to pay the bills. It was during that time that I said, ‘What was I born to do? Why am I here?’ I wanted to live this life that I was meant to live.”


During that time, Jon could never possibly have envisioned how this pain would help him to relate to others. God gave Jon exactly the kind of experiences that would allow him to empathise with others going through periods of turmoil. Jon could have easily let his personal background shape him with bitterness and anger. But his intimate relationship with God allowed him to see the deeper value behind his pain.


Romans 8:28

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


A personal conviction can only come from one place: a passionate and transformational relationship with our Father. “You can’t know your purpose without a relationship with the One who created you for a purpose,” Jon shared. “God has you here for a reason. It’s up to you to say ‘Use me, I’m open! Show me what you want me to do. Make me an instrument of your peace and love. Make me a vessel for your Holy Spirit. Make me a conduit for the miracles you want to see in the world.’ If you’re open to that, then God uses you. That spiritual transformation changed my heart, my soul, everything about me. In the past, it was all about me. But having Jesus in my heart changed me from the inside out.” See, God gave Jon exactly the kind of experiences he needed to be grounded in purpose.


Everyone wants to be transformed. We can see this fundamental desire in our society’s obsession with everything from fad diets to self-improvement seminars. This is just a manifestation of our God-given desire for renewal, which can only be fulfilled through a connection with the God who gave you that desire! Is your relationship with the Lord a core aspect of your being? Do you continually look for the empathy-growing experiences He has given to you?


Romans 12:2

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”


For the full text, get your copy of The 5 core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders. It’s now available on Amazon

Bigger Than You – Intro

“The following blog post is an excerpt from a new book by Errol Lawson called “The 5 Core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders”. Errol is a business coach, best-selling author and youth pastor. The book is written primarily for the Christian community but readers from all beliefs can gain great insights from his writings.”


Bigger Than You


You’ve built and communicated a vision. You’ve endured through dis-couragements and setbacks, and kept pressing on even when times got tough. You’ve shared your vision with passion and grace. At the end of all this work, we often find ourselves asking one pesky, troubling question: “Was it worth my time?”


Ephesians 5:16
“Making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.”

If your vision truly came from God and was blessed by Him, then the answer to this question is almost always an emphatic “Yes!” Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to feel that optimism in our hearts. We may not see the full effects of our efforts, since a truly compelling vision’s influence will endure far beyond our lifetime. But how do we ensure that our vision reaches beyond ourselves?


To get some insight into these hard questions, I spent some time talking with Jon Gordon. Jon has an impressive business résumé: he bhas worked with clients as diverse as West Point Academy, Northwestern Mutual, and Southwest Airlines, as well as many others. He’s also written a multitude of excellent books, including The Energy Boss and The No Complaining.
Rule, both of which spent long weeks on national bestseller lists. Above all, however, Jon considers himself a servant and follower of Christ. He is passionate about loving others with intention and finding ways to share a message of optimism and hope with everyone around him.


In this final chapter, with the help of Jon’s wisdom, I hope to show you some of the main characteristics of a truly long-term, revolutionary vision.


Exodus 9:16
“But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth”


For the full text, get your copy of The 5 core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders. It’s now available on Amazon

124 Ivan Meisner – How I Built BNI from The Ground Up

Our guest this week:

Ivan Meisner


Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. BNI was founded in 1985. The organization now has over 8,000 chapters throughout every populated continent of the world. In 2015, BNI Members generated more than $11.1 billion in closed business.
Dr. Misner’s Ph.D. is from the University of Southern California. He is a New York Times Bestselling author who has written 21 books including his latest release, “Who’s In Your Room?” He is a columnist for and has taught business management at several universities throughout the United States. In addition, he is the Senior Partner for the Referral Institute – a referral training company with trainers around the world.
Called the “Father of Modern Networking” by CNN and one of the “Top Networking Experts to Watch” by Forbes, Dr. Misner is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on business networking and has been a keynote speaker for major corporations and associations throughout the world. He has been featured in the L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York. Times, as well as numerous TV and radio shows including MSNBC, CNN, the BBC and The Today Show on NBC.
Dr. Misner is on the Board of Trustees for the University of La Verne. He is also the Co-Founder of the BNI Charitable Foundation and was recently named “Humanitarian of the Year” by the Red Cross and awarded the John C. Maxwell Leadership award. He and his wife, Elisabeth, are now “empty nesters” with three grown children.

123 Keith Poole – What to Do When Leaders Resist Change

Our guest this week:

Keith Poole


An ordained minister (IFCC and CEEC) who has been actively involved in Christian ministry since becoming born again in 1986. He completed a 1-year community based evangelistic program travelling throughout the United Kingdom, pioneered a church in South Birmingham and Lincoln, UK and was the Assistant Pastor and Church Administrator in a large and fast-growing church in Bristol. He has taught in various Bible Colleges and taught across Europe and Africa in many conferences training and empowering many Pastors and Leaders. He has worked across the denominational barriers directing youth work, children’s ministry and worship teams, having been a musician for over 30 years.


Keith has taught in many settings, including a post as lecturer in an international Bible College. He has established a Bible Training Centre in Avignon, France and was Central European Director in a missions organisation training & equipping leaders in Europe. He has set up and is the Director of two successful companies. Keith’s passion is to empower believers to grow in faith, live in full health and prosper in life.
Keith recently became a Certified Team Member, speaker, coach and mentor with The John Maxwell Team.


Together, Keith and Jenny gained a Ministerial Diploma from 2 years of study at Rhema Bible Training Centre (RSA), and have completed a HOPE counselling course. Keith also holds a Diploma in Bible and Christian Ministries and completed a MA in Management and Leadership.

122 Kim Avery – Becoming a Successful Coach

Our guest this week:

Kim Avery


I am happily married to my husband Ron, have two married children, two grand daughters and two grand dogs.
I currently live in Winter Haven, FL where I cherish time with family and friends. While the bright Florida skies daily energize me, I secretly dream of owning a cabin in the mountains one day.


People who know me say that I am both a gifted listener and communicator. Drawing out people’s deepest dreams and helping that dream become a reality is one of my greatest delights.

121 Chris Widener – From Local Pastor to Global Influencer

Our guest this week:

Chris Widener


Recognized as one of the top speakers in the world today, he has spoken all over the world in places like Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Egypt, Singapore, Australia and of course, all over the United States and Canada. Chris speaks to groups as small as 100 and as large as 25,000 people. His clients are a “who’s who” of American businesses and organizations, including notables like General Electric, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and the Harvard Business School. Chris’ dynamic, practical and engaging speeches will have your audience laughing one minute and learning timeless truths of success the next.


Chris was hand selected by two of the legends of the speaking world to work with them and he now carries on their legacy. Jim Rohn, one of the most successful speakers of the last 50 years, and also known for being Tony Robbins first mentor, made Chris his last protege and worked with Chris the last seven years of his life. Chris and Jim co-authored the Jim Rohn One Year Success Plan as well as Jim’s last book, The Twelve Pillars, which has become an international best-seller. Jim called Chris “The Leader of the next generation of personal development and leadership experts.” Zig Ziglar, considered to be the greatest motivational speaker of the 20th Century, personally chose Chris to co-host his television show, True Performance. Chris’ two books, The Angel Inside, and The Art of Influence are the only two fiction books Zig Ziglar endorsed in his entire life. Along with co-hosting True Performance, Chris also hosted his own show, Made for Success, where he interviewed some of the top business achievers and thought leaders of our time. Chris considers it a privilege to be able to speak to people and help them lead successful lives,and to become extraordinary leaders and masterful salespeople.

120 Jekalyn Carr – Discovering and Focusing on Your God-given Assignment

Our guest this week:

Jekalyn Carr


Jekalyn Carr, is a profound speaker and singer. Carr burst on the music scene in 2013 with the poignant and powerful Billboard Top 5 single, “Greater Is Coming,” which showcased a vocal ability and intensity far beyond her 15 years. Her most recent monumental milestones are being nominated for five Stellar Awards and receiving a GRAMMY nomination for “Best Gospel Song/Performance” for her Billboard#1 single “You’re Bigger” which was also named the #2 Most Play Gospel Song at Radio this year by Billboard


Jekalyn is featured in a movie that will be soon. released by Sony called Never Heard. She has written her first book called You Will Win and it will be released very soon.
This embryonic artist’s burgeoning national acclaim was evinced when she received the distinct honor of being named a POWER 100 by EBONY MAGAZINE in 2014 as one of the most influential people in the world. She was on the same list as Beyonce, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Lebron James, and Quincy Jones to name a few. Jekalyn Carr encompasses the right kind of substance in which great Gospel artists are made. She understands the dynamic and sacrifices she has to make for her ministry and platform, and she does them willingly, because her focus is on the greater good—impacting people. Her gift, passion, character, integrity, talent, and sacrifice is evident in everything she does.