075 Jeremie Kubicek – Do not despise small beginnings

Our guest this week:



Jeremie Kubicek is an international speaker, author, and consultant to top-level executives and leaders around the world. He is a subject matter expert on organizational leadership, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal communication.


Jeremie’s first book, Making Your Leadership Come Alive, became a Wall Street Journal best seller. In 2015 he co-wrote the hit books, 5 Gears and the 5 Voices, which launched in the spring of 2016.


Jeremie is the former CEO over the brands, Leadercast, Catalyst and the John Maxwell training companies. He is also the co-founder of the GiANT companies. He speaks regularly in organizations of all sizes in the US and Europe.


He is currently CEO of GiANT Worldwide, with the mission to raise up liberating leaders who change their leadership cultures in every sector and city in the world.

074 Noel Robinson – Going International with your gift and talent

Our guest this week:



Robinson is an international worship leader, music pastor, songwriter and producer whose mandate is to see the body of Christ rise up in worship, intercession and unity in this generation. Noel has been involved in Worship ministry for over 20 years, and his ability to cross over the many cultural and diverse expressions of worship has allowed him to stand and lead at many leading events and conferences across the world. He has partnered with many ministries from Morris Cerrullo, Rienhard Bonnke, Spring Harvest, Baptist Assembly, AOG, Elim churches, Renewal Worship Encounters plus many more!


Noel is the founder of The Kingdom Worship Movement (KWM) and its flagship event “The Renewal Worship Encounters“. He continues to work and be influential within the worship leaders fraternity, working with many of his peers like Graham Kendrick, Lara Martin, Israel Houghton, Ron Kenoly, Noel Richards, Mark Beswick, Godfrey Birtill, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes and Peter Wilson (Hillsong London), amongst others.


Noel began his musical career at the age of 6 playing the guitar. His gifting was recognised by His father and school who encouraged him to study guitar and piano.


By the time he was 13 he was playing double bass in his local school Orchestra and studying for Royal School of Music exams in Piano, Double Bass and Guitar. It’s in the latter he excelled a grade 6 in Classical studies.


Noel’s musical journey took him around the world winning competions within His church denomination for his work on the Guitar and opening many doors within his church and other denominations.


He was sent by his school to study Jazz improvisation and composition at the prestigious Goldsmith Music College. He later became the Music and Communications Director of the Church of God of Prophecy.


During this season his heart for worship was developed, he bagan to play with Bishop John Francis and the Inspirational Choir, Graham Kendrick, Ron Kenoly and many leading exponents of Gospel Music in the UK and Europe.


Noel has become one of the pioneers of the British Gospel sound and expression, and continues to influence many young artists and musicians around the UK and Europe.


Noel’s ministry has led him to set up The Kingdom Worship Movement (KWM), a ministry dedicated to training and equipping Worshippers of this generation with keys to releasing prophetic worship around the world. The flagship event, called “The Renewal”, has seen some 20,000 people in attendance throughout the British Isles. Noel’s heart is to see unity across the body of Christ and believes that this unity of the church is a key component to revival in this season. He carries a message of revival, reformation and restoration to the church and world.


In September 2014, Noel signed an Artist Agreement with Integrity Music and recorded his first live Integrity Music Album “Outrageous Love” in February 2015. “Outrageous Love” released in September 2015.


“This is the most exciting time of your life,” says Noel, “as you are the revealed prophetic word of God in this season!”

073 John Smith – 3 Principles of leadership success

Our guest this week:



John Smith is a husband, father, grandfather, a disciple of Christ, an elder on the Governing Board his local church, a leadership archaeologist, an entrepreneurial futurist as well as the founder and president of CEO. He is an executive coach to Fortune 100 companies and non-profits. He trains, coaches and mentors senior and emerging leaders worldwide.


In 1988, he created the first faith-based mastermind council in the United States. He also has theological training and has started multiple business enterprises as well as numerous on-profit organizations for marketplace ministries. He resides in Orlando, FL with his wife, Dolly of 42 years.

072 Romeo Effs – Overcoming adversity and getting back on top

Our guest this week:



As a poor boy from rural Jamaica, I learnt from an early age to think outside the box while I was still inside the box. I dreamt big and saw nothing as an obstacle or barrier to whatever I wanted to achieve. I just jumped straight in and went for it with power of purpose and determination.


This attitude resulted in me starting my first business at 16 to help pay my college fees and I have started and build numerous businesses since then. This way of thinking also propelled me to become a Senior Executive at the age of 25 working at this level in global fortune 500 companies all over the world until I quite corporate for the second and final time to go after my dream in 2013. While in corporate most of the time I was the only black person at that senior level in these companies. My experiences and knowledge as a serial entrepreneur and former senior executive in global multi-nationals, gives me a unique advantage on what it takes and is needed to play the corporate game to win, grow your business and develop the right mind-set needed to create amazing and succeed.

071 Erin Meyer – Navigating the complexities between cultural differences

Our guest this week:



Meyer is a Senior Affiliate Professor in the Organisational Behaviour Department at INSEAD and specialises in the field of Cross-Cultural Management, Intercultural Negotiations, and Multi-Cultural Leadership. Erin is also the Programme Director for two INSEAD executive education programmes: Managing Global Virtual Teams and Management Skills for International Business. She is also the author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business. Erin’s work focuses on how the world’s most successful leaders navigate the complexities of cultural differences in a global environment.


Living and working in Africa, Europe, and the United States prompted Erin Meyer’s study of the communication patterns and business systems of different parts of the world. Her framework allows international executives to pinpoint their leadership preferences, and compare their methods to the management styles of other cultures. Erin has taught thousands of executives from 5 continents to decode cross-cultural complexities impacting their work, and to lead more effectively across these differences.

070 John Partington – Leading with boldness and courage

Our guest this week:



John is the National Leader of AoG.


He has been a pastor and apostolic leader and now wants to use his widespread experience, infectious sense of fun and evangelistic zeal to bring a fresh vision and purpose to AoG. John’s exciting journey has demonstrated the God-given positive attributes he has shown for more than four decades. He thrives on inspiring others with fun, the feel-good factor and, with his father heart, he loves to encourage others. John has led churches in Bedworth, Liverpool and Exeter as well as pioneering nine others, and he spent several years in Australia, working with churches and leaders there.


He is married to Andrene and is a father of three and a grandad to six.

069 Esi Ansah – Leadership, Faith and Pursuing God

Our guest this week:



Esi is an Assistant Professor at Ashesi University, where she teaches classes including Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, and Negotiation & Creative Problem Solving, working closely with her students to help them in self-discovery, identifying, articulating and carving out their career paths. She is an avid believer in, and contributor to achieving the vision and mission of Ashesi.


Her other professional and academic interests include social and public entrepreneurship and sustainable educational and public sector reform in Ghana. Esi earned her Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology, International Affairs and French from the Florida State University in 1999, graduating with a three Bachelor’s degrees in three years cum laude (with honors). She also holds Master’s degrees in Social Sciences and in Public Service Management from the University of Chicago (2004) and DePaul University in Chicago (2002), respectively. She holds a PhD in Public Administration (2008) from Rutgers University in New Jersey. In September 2009, Esi was welcomed into the Africa Leadership Initiative as an ALI Fellow.


Esi has a deep commitment to community service and has a long history of volunteer work wherever in the world she finds herself. From caring for displaced orphans in Jamaica, to mentoring adolescents to excel academically in Florida, to laboring to refurbish houses for the low-income elderly in Kentucky, to caring for children in a daycare in France and mentoring incarcerated youth in Ghana. Esi is a member of the Board of the Longevity Project, where she also serves as a volunteer.


Esi is a chocolate-lover who counts cooking and eating, writing, traveling, and photography amongst her hobbies. She believes that being spiritually alive and well is the key to her success, and describes herself as a simple, high-energy person who never runs out of ideas (she maintains a detailed Idea Bank), and also as a “grounded idealist” with a sense of urgency and an aim to bring positive transformation wherever she finds herself.

068 Nicole Unice – Principles for leadership success

Our guest this week:



Nicole Unice is a fresh voice for the next generation. Part bible teacher, part community organizer, part busy mom–Nicole has the uncanny ability to relate to people in all ages and stages of life with her “keeping it real” approach to ordering a life around God’s word.


Nicole’s teaching reaches wide, both as a writer and speaker. Her first book, She’s Got Issues, released May 2012 and speaks to a fundamental question of faith: is being a Christian supposed to change me? The book is followed by a DVD Group Experience, a six-week journey of interviews, questions and teaching around the book. She’s since co-written a book about the basics of a relationship with Jesus called Start Here. Her most recent book and DVD study is Brave Enough, a conversation about finding courage in Christ.


Nicole’s invitations to speak have taken her across the country to conferences and women’s retreats, big and small. Her heart belongs to Hope Church, where she serves as the ministry director, providing leadership, teaching and directing a full-time ministry residency program called Praxis.


You can catch her podcasting every Tuesday with senior pastor David Dwight, where they spend 15 minutes talking about “God’s truth and modern life” and laughing about all kinds of other things. David and Nicole have co-authored a new book called “Start Here: Beginning a Relationship with Jesus”, which releases in April 2014.

067 Dan Maudhub – Successfully combining business and ministry

Our guest this week:



Dan is a multi-award winning entrepreneur who is the founder and MD of Wonderful Creative. He is also a pastor and elder of Jubilee Church in Maidstone. He has been involved in marketing and brand building since 2002 and successfully ran a buzz building agency, which he merged to form Wonderful Creative.


His passion for growing businesses through creative and strategic marketing has seen him work with some of the world’s largest brands as well as SMEs.


Dan has an awesome wife and two boys. His passion is to see leaders in business and the church fulfil their potential and realise their dreams.

066 Jonathan Milligan – “Fulfilling your calling in business or marketplace ministry”

Our guest this week:



Milligan is an author, blogger, speaker and career coach. He has spent the last decade counseling, guiding, and directing career professionals on how to pursue meaningful work.


Since 2009, Jonathan has been building a portable, lifestyle business through blogging. Today, he teaches others the roadmap to doing the same.


His 2 primary blogs are:

  • JonathanMilligan.com
  • BloggingYourPassion.com


Jonathan is also active in his local church, serving as a Deacon and leader of the hospitality ministry. He resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and two kids.