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141 Dan Louzonis – How To Raise Genius Kids [Part 2]

Dan Louzonis

My wife and I are natives of Long Island, New York and Central Massachusetts, graduates of Boston College and UPenn, and have both worked in finance/Wall Street for 15+ years – our entire careers. Although now I primarily teach accelerated math and advise parents on how to educate their children.
As a family we’ve moved from Philly to Brooklyn, to Charlotte, to Boston, before returning to New York in May 2010. We moved to Manhasset – a small town just outside Queens, approximately 17 miles from Manhattan.
But after three years we got the itch again….and moved to London for 14 months. You can read more about that amazing journey (hitting 11 countries!) on my blog.
John was born in November 2004. Christine came in June 2006.
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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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