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140 Onyi Anyado – From Detention to Distinction

Our guest this week:

Onyi Anyado

Onyi Anyado is a much sought after multiple award-winning Global Leadership Speaker who has the conviction, calling and commitment to influence, inspire and instruct people how to become distinguished in their chosen field.
As an entrepreneur, I don’t just read history, I create it so people can see the future in the present. ~ Onyi Anyado.
Onyi has spoken on various platforms which include India, Malaysia, Barclays Bank, a youth conference in Canada and much more. Wherever Onyi goes, he speaks with an unquestionable, undeniable and uncommon passion which coupled with his principles produces purpose, possibilities, promotion and productivity. What distinguishes Onyi from other speakers is his originality, creativity and humility.
Onyi delivers the following talks and workshops presentations:
-How to become a leader of distinction™
-How to become an African leader of distinction™
-How to become a student of distinction™
-How to become an entrepreneur of distinction™
-How to become an African entrepreneur of distinction™
-What’s your creative distinction?™
Onyi is available to speak on educational, corporate and business platforms nationally and internationally. To book Onyi to speak at your event, please send your full information to info@oamediahouse.com
Entrepreneur, to become distinguished, your thought leadership has to be fresh, forward thinking & fertile. ~ Onyi Anyado.
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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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