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139 Maria Da Conceicao – How to Make the Extraordinary Ordinary

Our guest this week:

Maria Da Conceicao

Maria has made history becoming the First and only Portuguese Woman to complete an expedition to the North Pole and South Pole to summit Mount Everest. She has gained 8 Guinness World Records so far for Endurance Sports with challenges such as running consecutive Ultra Marathons, running a Marathon on each of the 7 Continents in 10 days and completing a full Ironman Triathlon 6 continents in 56 days. She has also received many awards for excellence for her inspiring work achievements.
Realising that her story has the power to inspire, Maria speaks at events around the world to encourage people to pursue their own goals and dreams. Her talks always receive fantastic reviews.
Maria Da Conceicao | Website

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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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