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097 Tommy Moutchi – The power of sacrificing today for a greater tomorrow

Our guest this week:

Tommy Moutchi


Tommy Xpensive (real name Tom Moutchi) is a young (22 years old) multi-talented Actor/writer/performer/comedian featured in Ventriloquist Love (2015) Raison D’etre (2015) and Balance (2014).


Over the past few months Tom has rapidly become a household name amongst the under-25 UK demographic. Within the last year Toms’ social media profiles; Facebook, Instagram and Vine have received a large amount of attention due to the short comedic videos he posts featuring himself and his regular team of actors. Featuring witty takes on everyday situations, with a particular focus on the African diaspora audience; they have gained widespread positive attention from all around the globe. His Vines especially have gone viral on more than one occasion with this latest achieving over 30 million views.


This has led to various media outlets such as SB.TV, New York based radio station Power105 and WorldStarHipHop to post Tom’s material on their social media profiles.


Tom’s online presence and reputation increases at an impressive rate. From impressive 30K Instagram followers at the beginning of 2015 his following is currently over 60k.


His Facebook Fan Page is also extremely popular; he has gained 80,000 subscribers and receives between 100k – 2.5M views for each short video he posts on his account. And when Unilad reposted one of his videos it gained 7 million views. In addition his Vine account has a strong presence too and he has 41k followers and has an overall total of 46 million loops.


Tom is currently training at Identity Drama School to fulfil/polish is craft as an actor to in turn achieve his dream of being a world class Actor.

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