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088 Akomaye Ugar – Powerful Leadership advice for youth leaders and their young people

Our guest this week:

Akomaye Ugar


Akomaye Ugar is a prolific writer, Leadership and personal development consultant, value-powered speaker, and pastor. Though based in Calabar, Nigeria, he travels internationally on regular speaking schedules especially to the United States of America and the United Kingdom.


Helping believers discover themselves in the Word, empowering and mentoring them to release their purpose with excellence


An apostolic commision to empower with light, raise, and release men into their God-ordained destinies.


Akomaye Ugar, speaks, trains and mentors in areas covering leadership, personal development and effectiveness, and entrepreneurship. These resources are usually offered through a wide range of Schools namely: School of Mentorship, School of Emerging Legendary Leaders,School of Etiquette and social Savvy.


  • Public Speaking and Oratory Skills
  • Professional Writing Skills
  • Dinning and Social Etiquette Skills
  • The Mini Finishing School
  • Basic Business Sense
  • Idea Development and Strategy Management
  • Basic Adminisprudence
  • Self Improvement Training programme
  • Job Creation Dynamics
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Personal Branding Techniques
  • Principles of Demand and Supply, and many others

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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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