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085 John Finkelde – Growing a healthy church

Our guest this week:


John Finkelde is the founder of Grow a Healthy Church.


After pastoring for 30 years at C3 Church Hepburn Heights he now partners with pastors to grow healthy churches, ministering in Australia and internationally.


He has been married for 38 years, has two married children and dotes on his grandsons, Jack, Rhys and Archer.


John has a Masters in Leadership and has authored 5 books.


He loves shooting things (with a camera), and in summer he can be seen thrashing around ineffectively in the surf at Scarborough Beach.


Words that describe that John – family guy, humorous, practical, insightful, loyal, loves the church, passionate.

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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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