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084 Jonathan Oloyede – How we filled wembley stadium for prayer

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Jonathan Oloyede is the key catalyst for the National Day of Prayer and Worship. His vision is to see the United Kingdom saturated with prayer. He initiated the Year for London and National Canopy of Prayer which was a five year long daily 24-hr prayer chain for the Nation..This prayer initiative has held and supported several stadium events including Wembley 2012 where tens of thousands of people have gathered in unity to pray and worship.


He was ordained into Pastoral Ministry in 1993 at Glory Bible Church where he served in full-time ministry for 15years. His versatile abilities enabled him to serve in various capacities including Church Administrator, Associate Pastor, Senior Associate Pastor, Principal of the College of Ministry and Executive Director for Community Projects Development..


As a regular Radio and TV personality, he is a well known leader, writer and spokesperson within Black Majority Churches, Historic Churches and the Charismatic/Evangelical community. He is a popular events speaker at conferences across the Nation and internationally including Spring Harvest, Newwine, Soul Survivor, and Festival of Life amongst others.


Jonathan is blissfully married to Abbiih and lives in Kent with his two lovely children: Samuel and Hanita. He is a sports enthusiast, loves reading history and is fanatical about Scrabble.


Jonathan can be contacted via email on: pastorjonathan@ndopw.com

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