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080 Andrew Priestley – Developing excellence in your coaching practice

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Extensive experience
Andrew has been business coaching since 1998 and has an extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients worldwide. He initially started working with high-end compliance clients (aviation, mining, law, medicine, engineering etc) and developed an award winning theory of leadership development based on five traits of highly effective leaders.

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8 Reasons you would chat with Andrew

1. I specialise in working with ambitious owner/managers running established 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses.
2. I have a proven ability to help a diverse range of clients achieve professional and personal goals.
3. I focus on your immediate needs to ensure you meet you strategic goals.
4. The award winning Business Leadership Profile benchmarking tool identifies strengths and weaknesses and key coaching targets.
5. I focus on helping clients improve business performance, operational efficiencies, build high-performing teams and develop your skills and abilities as a business leader.
6. My clients find the coaching refreshingly challenging and they consistently achieve meaningful results.
7. Andrew is a #1 ranked business author. Click here to view and purchase
Andrew’s books – Don’t Start Yet and The Money Chimp.


Want a snapshot?

  • Award Winning – 7 Industry Awards and Endorsements.
  • Typical clients – owner/managing directors running established 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses
  • Diverse experience – Clients in UK, USA, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Canada and Europe in a diverse range of industries from SMEs to Corporate.
  • Qualified – Industrial and Organisational Psychology
  • Learning and Development – offers refreshingly challenging Business Leadership Training
  • Relevant – Ambitious business owners running 6, 7 and 8 figure companies
  • Specialist – resolving C-Suite leadership issues
  • Grey Hair – With 20+ years working with leaders across 50+ industries in 11 countries

Highly sought after keynote speaker and trainer.




  • 2012 Key Person of Influence Programme endorsed by Institute Leadership and Management (ILM)
  • 2011 Runner Up, Sales Professional of the Year/British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards (ISMM)
  • 2004 Australasian Student Entrepreneur Awards SEANZ – Executive Coaching
  • 2003 Queensland Premiers Smart State Awards (Finalist) Professional Services
  • 2003 Australian Micro Business Awards – Coaching (NT/Qld)
  • 2002 Australian Micro Business Awards – Service (NT/Qld)
  • 1998 GIO Excellence in Business Awards – Service (+ Design Solutions, Australia)


NB: ALL awards subject to strict criteria, detailed submissions and peer review.

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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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