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078 Jan Robberts – From being bullied to empowering leaders around the world

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Life has its character building challenges which have assisted in shaping our lives and businesses this far.


It is not what happens to you but what happens within you that is important and it is really up to us to choose how to live our lives, whether we move forward to a full and productive life or, whether we relive our past like a daily history lesson….


“To be able to give more, we must become more”


After years of coaching training I joined the John Maxwell Team where I am grateful to be part of their Mentorship program as well as having Les Brown as my Speaking Mentor and received Specialist training through Global Priority Solutions.


One of my most amazing and life changing experiences so far was the great honor to join a team of 150 JMT coaches and trainers in Guatemala to train more than 20,000 Leaders from all walks of life on Transformational Leadership using the very simple but highly effective Round Table concept.


Through the tears in the eyes of the leaders in that beautiful country, it confirmed what I always knew my burning passion was…to empower you to lead your team, your company, your country…..and provide much needed support and encouragement for our youth.


Being certified and equipped with all the tools the John Maxwell team and Global Priority Solutions provide, I feel I can assist you with your challenges and aim to serve you with coaching, training and motivational speaking/teaching …to add value to you and your organization, to work together towards the solutions you desire, and empower you to reach your untapped potential and beyond.

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