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076 Scot Longyear – How to lead in a way that people will follow you

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Scot Longyear is the Sr. Pastor of Maryland Community Church (one of the fastest growing mega churches in the US) and serves as the Pastor for the Experience Conference. Residing in Terre Haute, Indiana, Scot lives to encourage, disciple, and resource people so they can take one step closer to Christ. Drawing upon decades of experience as a worship pastor, Scot authored Worship Leading Essentials. This tool has been used by leaders around the globe to build effective worship team. His daily radio feature, Scot’s Daily Word, provides quick inspiration for listeners who want to deepen their faith, even if they are short on time. In addition to Pastoring MCC and the Experience Conference, Scot has ateaching ministry where he keynotes conferences, retreats, and special events.


Without the support of his wife Stephanie, daughters Mariah and Madison, (and their spoiled mutt Nestle) Scot would be lost. They encourage him not only in ministry, but also in his adventuring spirit (he loves scuba diving and motorcycling). His family also puts up with his horrible video game skills and irrational fear of needles. Follow Scot on Facebook and Twitter (@longyear). Check out www.scotlongyear.com to subscribe to his podcast, browse resources, and hopefully take a few steps closer to Jesus.

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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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