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072 Romeo Effs – Overcoming adversity and getting back on top

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As a poor boy from rural Jamaica, I learnt from an early age to think outside the box while I was still inside the box. I dreamt big and saw nothing as an obstacle or barrier to whatever I wanted to achieve. I just jumped straight in and went for it with power of purpose and determination.


This attitude resulted in me starting my first business at 16 to help pay my college fees and I have started and build numerous businesses since then. This way of thinking also propelled me to become a Senior Executive at the age of 25 working at this level in global fortune 500 companies all over the world until I quite corporate for the second and final time to go after my dream in 2013. While in corporate most of the time I was the only black person at that senior level in these companies. My experiences and knowledge as a serial entrepreneur and former senior executive in global multi-nationals, gives me a unique advantage on what it takes and is needed to play the corporate game to win, grow your business and develop the right mind-set needed to create amazing and succeed.

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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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