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063 Action Jackson – “Tips on building a business that impacts youth worldwide”

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Jackson Ogunyemi better known as “Action Jackson” is a lover of cheesecake, running and inspiring people.


He founded a company dedicated to empowering UK Education called Fixupseminars.co.uk in 2001 whilst studying Mechanical Engineering at Middlesex University, where he developed a passion for public speaking. He ran motivation workshops on topics such as procrastination, goal setting and other life changing strategies, and after a positive response he continued the classes. After graduating with a 2:1 degree Jackson decided to pursue a career in Motivation and Personal Development.


Action Jackson is now a motivational speaker and a life coach who has worked with a vast range of people, from students across the UK, management teams of major corporations to individuals from different walks of life. His seminars are described as mind blowing, entertaining and life changing.


He combines passion, energy, humour and inspiration to equip you with the necessary tools to live your dreams. He has embodied what he teaches and desires to pass them onto the next generation. His mission is to MOTIVATE EQUIP & EMPOWER UK education with his presenters (TheFixUPTeam) touring the UK inspiring and motivating young people, parents and teachers.


Action Jackson is not stopping until he makes you feel AMAZING about yourself.

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