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061 Scott Couchenour – “Overcoming burnout”

Our guest this week:


I care about the leader. Not just any leader, but the one who is driven to make a mark and leave a legacy that lasts a lifetime. If you’re reading this page, that means you!


​I hold a unique package of training and experience over the past 35 years that you need if you’re looking for strong support. I’m trained as an Executive Coach. I’ve served in ministry leadership as youth and music pastor. I’ve served in the corporate environment as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Executive Officer. I serve on several boards. I am a fanatic about organization and process. I can’t stand inefficiency or ineffectiveness.


I’m also a grateful husband and privileged father of two grown adults. I love a good cup of coffee, time to read, and I appreciate a well-taken photo.


If you’re a dynamic, driven leader with high energy and wild creativity who can’t sit still and you are called to get a message out, I want to be your support so that you reach further and longer without burning out in the process. Think of me as your second chair.

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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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