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060 Michael Pink – “How to Become a Christian Business Leader”

Our guest this week:


Michael Q. Pink is a best selling author of over a dozen books including The Bible Incorporated, Selling Among Wolves, and Rainforest Strategy. He’s been a featured speaker at multiple arena events for business leaders, and leader of countless sales and business seminars in the U.S. and abroad.


Michael has carved out a unique niche for applying Biblical principles and natural law to sales, marketing and business processes. For over seven years, he was heard daily on American Family Radio and other networks eventually being carried in over 200 markets nationwide.


His television appearances include: The 700 Club, PTL Canada, Heritage USA, CTN, Dove Broadcasting and local NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates. He’s been a guest writer for numerous national publications like Success Magazine, Business Reform, Christian Business Magazine and others.


As a corporate sales trainer, Michael is known for teaching Biblical models for the sales process that produce profound results. This is not about going to the world, finding some motivational guru that wants to “release the giant within” and putting a Bible verse on it and calling it wisdom.



Michael’s consulting practice focuses on revenue growth by dramatically improving marketing efforts, defining and greatly improving the sales process and improving personal productivity. Over the years, he’s served Fortune 100 companies, one-man startups and plenty in between.


His highly acclaimed Rainforest Strategy book about the planet’s most successful business model came about as a result of numerous trips to the rainforests of the upper Amazon and Central America where he studied the rainfor
est as a business model. The lessons he pulled from the rainforest and his access to hundreds of scientific white papers by Smithsonian scientists have proven highly effective for business owners.




… …for business and life so they can advance God’s kingdom and bring others to Him. That limits the field so to speak. But that’s ok. What he cares about now more than ever is a world that is lost and people that have profoundly lost their way. He wants to equip as many folks as possible with the skills necessary to gain a platform of leadership and success and then use that platform to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and draw others to Him.

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