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052 Steven Turnbull – “Developing a winning mindset”



Steven Turnbull is a sports psychologist, business mentor, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He specializes in significantly improving both the performance and achievements of people and organisations, through motivational coaching and psychology. His clients include elite sports professionals, business leaders, self-made millionaires, businesses and non-profit organisations. Steven took his first company to a £3million turnover within only two years, winning several industry awards for excellence along the way.


Steven’s passion is helping people to succeed and fulfill their full potential. That is what he devotes the majority of his time to and is the ethos behind Professional Motivation. His skills in this area have led him to being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Business Men’s Fellowship, a charitable organisation active in around 100 countries, with over 20,000 members.


Steven is also an accredited member of internationally recognised professional bodies such as the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP), the International Society of Sports Psychology (ISSP) and the European Federation of Sports Psychology (FEPSAC).


He is the author of the critically acclaimed books Live A Motivated Life and Have Confidence, Have Success. Steven has written articles in The Scotsman and Metro daily newspapers. His other media appearances include discussion on BBC TV and Radio.

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