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048 Samuel Leeds – “Financial Freedom Through Property Investment”



Samuel Leeds is a Christian entrepreneur and trainer. He runs a property business that enabled him to be financially free by aged 21. He also spent three years in Bible college training for ministry.


Samuel’s passion is to be as effective and successful as possible in order to use money, time and resources to serve others. He leads people to become financially independent, allowing them to work on the things they enjoy the most.


His business, Training Kings, breeds people helping one another and expanding their businesses. Everyday Samuel gets to watch people grow personally and in business. His business has been a huge success, it is the largest Christian Business network of it’s kind in England, with various branches now open.


Samuel’s inspiration is his family, friends and church. He also has a huge passion for music
and is currently in the process of making an album!

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Download a Sample of one of Errol's Books

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