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027 Melvin Pillay – “Activating the champion within”



Melvin Pillay, “The Activator” is an Ambassador for the Zig Ziglar Corporation; as well as, a Ziglar Legacy Certified Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Personal Coach for top performance leaders, executives and CEO’s. As an internationally recognized consultant, he is a highly acclaimed speaker on the topics of Intuitive Leadership, A Better Way to Sell, Dynamic Vision & Activating the Champion Within.


His famous life transforming session “The Whiteboard with Melvin Pillay” has changed the course of the lives of thousands. Melvin is the author of The Secrets of His Divine Vision, The 24 Hour Champion Challenge, Think Big in a Small Place and many others. His professional speaking and training career has taken him across America and around the World and he has shared the speaking platform with several high profile speakers and is a passionate, energetic and electrifying speaker and trainer. He is driven by love, motivated by hope and inspired by faith. Melvin Pillay stirs hope and passion in the hearts of his listener’s by inspiring, energizing, igniting and motivating them to activate the champion within.

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