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025 Ian Wilson – “The journey to growth and maturity as a Leader”



Ian Wilson graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1987. Since that time he worked in UK General Practice and has been volunteering overseas since 1990. Ian co-founded the charity Bridge2Aid with his wife Andie in 2002 when they moved to live in Mwanza, Tanzania. Hope Dental Centre was opened in Mwanza in 2004, providing a full range of dental services, the profits from which were used to fund the charitable aspects of the work, these being training of indigenous rural clinical officers in emergency Oral Urgent Treatment, and supporting a community of people affected by leprosy. Ian has had the privilege of pioneering the training model alongside the many volunteers who participate each year and gaining wisdom from those who have pioneered oral health projects into developing nations. Ian & Andie have 4 children and now live in Leeds having relocated to the UK in 2011. The work of Bridge2Aid in Tanzania continues with the team based there, while Ian supports the team for developing the dental training model into other developing nations.

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