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023 William Okyere-Frempong – “Tips on how to develop yourself as a leader and to develop the leaders around you”.



Dr William Okyere – Frempong is a qualified medical doctor who currently serves as Acting Medical Superintendent of the LEKMA Polyclinic – a well attended government facility located in one of the populous suburbs of Accra. He gracefully combines both clinical practice with his administrative oversight responsibilities on a day to day basis as he leads this public health facility with staff strength of 162 personnel with competence and sterling character. He passionately aspires to establish an avant–garde health care where staff are personally empowered and professionally equipped to offer significantly safe and satisfying healthcare services.


Yet above and beyond being a leading doctor, he is also the beloved country director of The HuD Group – an international Christian Leadership and Mentoring organization. He oversees the multifaceted aspects of the organization’s day to day governance and strategy development. As lead trainer of the HuD Medical Consult, he trains and coaches many individuals and corporate bodies on health care issues with the view to promote good wellbeing of the nation’s workforce. He has become a familiar face and voice at many programmes and on multiple media platforms. William easily averages about three speaking engagements every week, to both live audiences and via radio/TV.

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