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020 Bishop Jonathan Jackson – “Leading and developing leaders in an inner city context”



Bishop Jonathan Jackson is a powerful passionate preacher with his finger on the pulse of the move of the Holy Spirit who preaches with depth of biblical knowledge. Born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1969, the fourth child of six children; born to Isaiah and Eulaee Jackson. In the mid-seventies the family moved to Bradford, where Jonathan committed his life to Jesus Christ. He was baptised and received into the church by Bishop C.L.Scott in 1986 and immediately began ministry in youth ministry, vocation bible school and Sunday school.


In November 2002, Bishop and Mrs Jackson assumed the pastorate at NTCG Brookfield, in 2004 Bishop Jackson moved the growing congregation into the new worship centre “The Rock” a regular attendance of over 300. In 2009 Bishop Jackson was elected to serve on the national executive council which makes him the youngest and only local minister serving presently on the NEC. Bishop Jackson does not take lightly the confidence given by his colleagues to entrust him with this responsibility His preaching ministry has taken him across the nation and internationally ministering in Canada USA and India.

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