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015 Revd Canon Eve Pitts – “Hearing from and trusting in God”



Reverend Canon Eve Pitts is a passionate preacher and pioneer in church history. She is known for her distinctive crew-cut hairstyle, her sense of humour and honesty in her sermons as well as her passion for music and the arts.


As the first black woman ordained as a Deacon in the Church of England (C of E) in 1992 and ordained as Reverend Canon Pitts in 1994, now aged 61, Pitts is well-known for her passionate speaking, fearless confidence and unmistakable hairstyle.


Born in May Pen, Jamaica, Reverend Pitts came to Nottingham, aged six. She grew up with love and support from her family and found church leadership her ‘calling’. So in 1988, she attended the acclaimed Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham, founded in 1828 and studied ecumenical theological education. She saw this as a preparation for her ministerial life in the C of E. She leads her parish at Holy Trinity Church, Birchfield, Birmingham and conducts many weddings and funerals for the BME community in Nottingham.

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