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014 Dr Carver Anderson – “Leading with Love and Grace”



Carver Anderson is the co-founder and co-director ofBringing Hope. He has 25 years experience in the field of social, community, youth work, counselling and training, both at practitioner and management levels within the statutory and voluntary sectors.


He has developed a number of important skills through hiswork and voluntary experiences, these include participating in and supporting key committees and initiatives regarding work with children, youth and families.


Carver formerly worked as the National Director of Youth and Christian Education for England and Wales for the New Testament Church Of God (one of the UK’s largest black majority Churches), he was able to minister and teach regarding issues surrounding youth development and empowerment, in South, West and Central Africa, Jamaica, Europe, USA and across the UK.


Carver’s role ensures that Bringing Hope delivers in line with its objectives and mission. Carver is also a frontline worker engaging with families, communities and young people to support their personal transformation and healing from past issues.

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