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011 Bil Cornelius – “Building a great church for the unchurched”



Bil Cornelius is the founder and lead pastor of Church Unlimited, which has grown to a membership of over 8,000 people between multiple campuses, making it one of Outreach Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Churches. Bil’s life calling has been to create a movement that is reaching into the lives of the lost and unchurched of Corpus Christi and beyond. Bil does this through creative and relevant life changing messages and coaching the next generation of exponential church planters. Bil is the husband to Jessica and father to Mason, Cole and Sophie, a role second only to his love and faith in God.


In September of 1997, Bil came to Corpus Christi, Texas with a great vision to start a church that would use modern methodology to reach people with God’s timeless message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Armed with very little in the way of resources, Bil and his wife Jessica diligently worked to form a core group that initially met in their one bedroom apartment. Although these early meetings consisted of less than 10 people, Bil was undeterred in his belief that God would some day turn them into a church of thousands.


Committed to reaching more people for Christ, Pastor Bil and the church committed the majority of their resources to sending out a direct mail piece to over 70,000 homes in the Corpus area which invited them to Bay Area’s first community service on January 18th, 1998. The service was held at a local elementary school and over 200 people attended! Over the past decade, Bay Area Fellowship has grown to over 6,000 people in weekend attendance between their four campuses.


With the launch of his television show, Bil is looking to reach beyond the local reach and spread the Christ message around the country.

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